Self Care Yoga Club


Private online Self Care Yoga Group. 2 new yoga and meditation practices posted weekly for a month. 2 guided relaxations. 6 week access. Begins April 4th. Access to group closes May 2nd.

Self Care Yoga Group: join Maria for a month of gentle yoga in a private online community with practices posted twice weekly and a choice of guided relaxations.

The core content will be prerecorded, and once posted, will be available to watch at a time that suits you. New practices will be posted on Sundays and Wednesdays. The group will also feature live chats and other relevant material to build a sense of momentum and community. Participant’s are encouraged to get interactive in the group, since plain old human connection is something we are all craving these days!

There are four weekly themes planned.
Week 1: Soothing and Grounding (focus on calming nervous system).
Week 2: Waking and Releasing (creating space for change and relieving pent-up tension).
Week 3: Lifting and Energising (building strength and lifting mood).
Week 4: Clearing and Nourishing (opening the heart, clearing the mind).

Please click this image to confidentially share any physical/emotional challenges you may be experiencing. Please do not skip this step, and please complete it in good time, as it will allow tailored information to be provided where necessary.

The group will begin on April 4th, and close on May 16th. You will receive two new practices weekly for 4 weeks, 2 Guided Relaxations, 6 weeks access to material and the support and encouragement of an online community.

Finer Details:

– By taking part in this course, you undertake to respect your body’s limits and take full responsibility for your own wellbeing. Please consult your doctor if in any doubt before you begin the practice.
It is essential you submit your email address to register on the course. 
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