Self Care Sunday-(Boost your energy)

25,00 5,00

128 mins of yoga and relaxation practices, for a Self Care Sunday at home, any day of the week.

Look after your physical and mental wellbeing. Fill up your cup and dedicate some time to your own self care. Create a ‘Sunday’ sanctuary at home any day of the week. This online workshop begins with a guided relaxation/meditation that brings you towards an awareness of your internal experience. From there we will use an Accessible Sun Salutation to limber up and open the body. (Feel free to repeat this section more than once). Our most challenging session will look to Build the Core Holistically, lighting a fire within and boosting your energy levels. We close our session in Savasana, using blankets and support for support as we breathe fully, absorb the good of our practice and allow mind, body and spirit to integrate, with a gentle sound bath to accompany us on the journey. (Turn up the volume here).
Always work within your own limits and never push your body beyond comfort.
Roll out the mat, light the candle and enjoy! /Bain sult as!
Namaste, Maria

Note: The sale price reflects the sound quality of the videos in this test version of the course.

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