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€7.50 (with proceeds going to the First Fortnight Charity)

Please read before you begin / Léigh seo le bhur dtoil 
YOGA: It’s important you listen to your body when trying the yoga poses. Do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and come out of the pose if you feel dizzy or breathless. Pregnant mums cannot do Classic Child’s Pose and the Deer Pose is a twist, which is contraindicated in pregnancy. DRAWING wise, allow yourself to try, fail and try again, working quickly, loosely and without self-criticism. Art is not just for professional artists. Creativity is a doorway to wellbeing and each of us has the key. The idea of SWITCHING BETWEEN PRACTICES (with a bit of Irish to navigate) is that it might push you out of your comfort zone, challenge you and make room for change, growth and playful flow. The yoga sections are full of guidance to ensure your physical safety. The drawing sections have less instruction to allow self-direction.

Log on and have a yoga mat, drawing materials and an open mind at the ready! This bilingual video workshop, led by artist/yoga teacher Maria Coleman (Comhcheol Arts and Wellness) will allow you to experiment with both practices to discover their wellness-boosting possibilities. Numerous studies have shown that drawing can improve memory, reduce anxiety and increase resilience and concentration. Yoga’s proven benefits include a shift from stress to relaxation mode, the promotion of sleep and the reduction of depression. Imagine what might unfold with their powers combined! No experience required, as both drawing and yoga will be approached in an accessible and playful manner. First Fortnight, Ireland’s Mental Health Arts Festival is a charity-based organisation with the expressed aim of challenging mental health prejudice through the creative arts. The class goes live on January 9th and proceeds from all tickets bought before Jan 17th will go towards the charity work of First Fortnight.

Bígí linn ar líne, le mata íoga, ábhair líníochta, agus meon oscailte. Cinnte go mbainfidh tú sult as, agus go gheobhaidh tú dearcadh úr nua fosta! (Presented by First Fortnight & Comhcheol Arts and Wellness in association with An Gailearaí)

(Navigation: Once the online course access issues are resolved, you will be able to choose to GO WITH THE FLOW (do the 1.5 hr workshop in one go, changing rapidly from yoga to drawing), opt to STEP THROUGH it doing a yoga pose first, and then sketch it with you setting the pace, or you can choose to do JUST THE YOGA or JUST THE DRAWING. All is outlined below and still images of the poses are also included for your convenience. You could save these to your computer and zoom in on them if needed.)

Bain sult as, mo chairde!!!

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