Yoga as Medicine

We’re back in deep lockdown here in Ireland and the kids are again unable to go to school. Although Covid earthquakes have profoundly rocked the world’s reality since 2020, another silent tsunami of ill health is also hitting global shores. A mental health crisis looms now as a direct consequence of the isolation, fear and

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I am an Artist (and so are You)

(or Raw Creativity is a Playful Tool for Self Care). A part of me flinches when I shape my mouth around the words “I am an Artist.” Artists are special, anointed, they possess GENIUS. They generate the stuff that is CULTURE. Sure, what would I know about that? The Imposter Syndrome makes me cough and

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Mandala Mindfulness

Lockdown has driven everyone to technology. I should be in my element. In a ‘past life’ I was a tech whizz. I dabbled in coding and used cutting edge interactive video and sound software, as well as sensors and microcontrollers during my masters degree and doctoral research. I even designed an interactive multimedia tool called

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What Happens in Vagus

“What happens in Vagus”  Everywhere you look in Ireland there are those yellow, black and white ads with spiky sphere graphics representing viruses. I was having a nice relationship with the colour yellow until they authorities hijacked it. Now, I’m not so sure. I’m a visual learner, so as went into the eighth week of

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The Elephant in the Room

In this time of pandemic, fear is more than understandable. The death-toll is undeniably concerning. A huge percentage of the world’s population have been asked by their governments (with echoes of an old-testament ‘passover’ story) to retreat to the safety of their homes. Shops and hospitals and a few services are deemed essential, while everything

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Accessing Chicken Licken’s Wisdom

The Sky’s not Falling In!!!!! The day after the school’s closed due to the pandemic, a pretty unusual ‘Late Late Show’ aired on RTÉ. No audience attended and there were representatives from the health service, teachers and voluntary organisations present to discuss the unfolding and unprecedented situation. It was all entirely surreal, but what stood

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Creativity is our Superpower

Recently, I had occasion to put the following question to our favourite childhood hero: “Bosco, when people grow up they sometimes forget to play and sing and draw pictures and dance. I think it helps to keep people happy. What do you think? (To hear Bosco’s advice on maintaining your sense of fun as a grown-up you

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Comhcheol brings First Fortnight to Donegal

I had a dream ….bring First Fortnight arts and mental health festival to Co. Donegal… Once I made the call and the woman ‘from Delmonte said Yes’, I got audacious and started dreaming more dreams and making more calls. Here is what has come together. Hold the dates. Ar an gCéad Dul Síos – The Balor Theatre,

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Wellness a Digital Age

Given that the majority of Comhcheol’s activities in 2017 spanned the disparate and broad field of experience between yoga and technology, I decided that 2018 will see me looking for opportunities to explore the challenges and opportunities that are created by intentionally merging these two fields. This intention crystallized once I made the image of the

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The Positive Birth Movement comes to Co. Donegal

Any pregnant woman will tell you that once your bump begins to show, people are falling over themselves to tell you birth stories. Very often these stories are far from positive ones, and if the listener is a first time mother-to-be, the fear factor quickly begins to ratchet up as she realises that she too

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Image: George Hoden

Mental Health – A Local and Global Challenge

In Seán O’Casey’s play ‘Juno and the Paycock,’ Capt. Jack Boyle drunkenly slurs a classic line that seems eternally relevant; “the whole world is in a terrible state o’ chassis.”  Chaos, or the confusion that could lead us towards it, can seem ever-present in the distracting haze of modern life. We perform the balancing act

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Women, Work, and Saving the World

In 2009 the Dalai Lama said “THE WORLD WILL BE SAVED BY THE WESTERN WOMEN”. He also said he is a feminist. I’m one myself. I had sort of forgotten until some sparks reignited recently. Despite PhD-level education, I have, due to child-rearing and geography, been loitering around the bottom of the career ladder; working

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