"Everything in life is vibration"

Maria is a multidisciplinary, socially engaged arts practitioner. Her work can take various forms, including interactive multimedia, drawing, sound, writing, video, or community music making. Movement, sound and play are essential ingredients of the work, and in recent years she has used yoga, percussion, and drawing as tools to engage with diverse communities of interest. With mental wellbeing as a particular focus, her work seeks to engage and playfully co-create with others, to harness the healing power of the creative act.

Comhcheol arts workshops always look to nudge their participants towards playful creative flow, and are likely to involve percussion, movement, song, drawing and improvisation. These workshops have run with diverse participant groups and always adapt to the group’s particular needs. (Deánann sí ceardlanna trí mheán na Gaeilge go minic fosta). The ‘Yoga Drawing Jam’ (See first video below) will feature in an upcoming national arts festival, and Connecting for Life Donegal is supporting an upcoming pilot of her arts for mental health project Filleadh Cholmcille, and she directed bilingual theatre show Mo Bhagáiste (First Fortnight 2019, IMRAM 2020. See final video below. Email comhcheol[at] for password).

Maria is the West and Northwest Coordinator for First Fortnight; Ireland’s Mental Health Arts & Culture Festival. This work, which she has been doing since 2018 allows her to curate and organise exciting arts and health projects and shows regionally.

Some of her arts skills are in demand commercially, including interactive multimedia, video production etc.

Maria Coleman - Artist

Maria is a multidisciplinary, socially engaged artist, with a strong history in the use of interactive multimedia. She has a degree in Fine Art (Sculpture) from LSAD and an M. Phil. in Music and Media Technology from Trinity College, with PhD research conducted at the School of Art, Design and Printing at DIT. From 2006-2010 she produced a major body of work through developing an interactive multimedia system called the BRS (Body Response System). (3rd video below) The system was designed through iterative ‘playtests’ with different user groups. What resulted was a system of sensors that reacted to physical movement with audio and video responses. The BRS coaxed intuitive playful activity from its users, and was used  to collaborate with performers and audiences to make improvised, live art works. This body of work and the resulting research led to a chapter being published in the book ‘The Performing Subject in the Space of Technology.’ (2015). This chapter describes her adoption of the “Work-in-Movement’ as a collaborative practice methodology. (See third video below)

In 2012, a paper about multi-sensory art she published in Crossings eJournal of Art and Technology won the ARTStap Title Award for arts research. Her arts research has also been presented in ‘Peripheries’ (Gorey School of Art) at The Science Gallery (D.A.T.A) and at conferences in Trinity College, Derry and Chichester. Her art work has been supported by Donegal Co. Co., Dublin City Council and Limerick City Council. In 2010 she won the ‘arts@DIT Award’, which resulted in a series of performances including ‘Project Brand New’ at the Project Arts Centre, ‘Quantified Self’ at the LAB, Dublin City Council and ‘Freeplay’ in the Crypt at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

Maria is also a musician, with bands including ‘Wee Small Gods’, and  ‘Fracas’ (See second video below). As a writer, she has had articles published as a Citizen Journalist on the European Ladder Project, in the Visual Artists Newsletter and through The Donegal Women’s Network. She directed the play ‘Mo Bhagáiste’ by Pól O Gallachóir (First Fortnight, 2019, Imram, 2020. (See final video below, email comhcheol[at] for password), and was sound designer for Pól’s award winning play ‘Madadh Mire’ (Féile Náisiúnta Drámaíochta, 2019). She also has experience in arts administration through managing the Irish language theatre, Amharclann Ghaoth Dobhair, coordinating the peace building cross-cultural project ‘East Meets West Donegal’ and as a Regional Coordinator of First Fortnight; Ireland’s Mental Health Arts & Culture Festival.

Art Projects


‘Filleadh Cholmchille’ is an arts and health project that harnesses arts participation as a powerful form of self-expression, a catalyst for communal connection, and as a mental health intervention. Initiated by First Fortnight and supported by Connecting for Life Donegal, this pilot project, led by artist Maria Coleman, will provide wellbeing groups in Falcarragh, Co. Donegal with instructional art resources to guide the co-creation of collaboratively authored artworks or ‘Works-in-Movement’. The project will take the creative legacy of Colmcille as inspiration. The Donegal saint celebrates the 1500th anniversary of his birth in 2021. An artist himself, the Columban story provides ‘rich pickings’ for artists and community groups to investigate ideas each as creative openness, exile, resilience and a necessary Return (‘Filleadh’ in Irish) to the potent self-care tool that is arts participation.

The idea of the ‘Works-in-Movement’. Was coined by Umberto Eco in his essay ‘Poetics of the Open Work’ (1962). The essay predicts much of the creative openness that became popular in the relational and participative art of the following decades, but history leaves us much fewer example of the more radically collaborative ‘Works-in-Movement’. Coleman embraces this idea, since such art works are left open enough to not only be interacted with, but actually be creatively completed by their audiences. Maria sees such creative input as a necessary evolution from the conventional formula, where finished works are presented fully formed, and audiences consume them on an intellectual or emotional level. This evolution goes beyond the catharsis that may come from resonating with the art work’s beauty or meaning. It inches instead towards a collaborative possibility where meaning is co-created. In this context, the wellbeing enhancing properties that accompany the creative act have space to come alive.
(This is a pilot project, that will run in Spring 2022, with research findings and reflections published at the project’s conclusion).

Arts Events

Maria was so impressed by First Fortnight and its mission “to utilise arts and culture to challenge mental health stigma while supporting some of Ireland’s most vulnerable people through creative therapies,” that she volunteered as a Donegal event coordinator in 2019 and 2020.

This year she was engaged by the festival as its first West and Northwest coordinator. On November 27th, the programme for the 2021 events will be launched, and this year, the national line-up will include an impressive raft of events dotted throughout the west and northwest, curated by her. All info HERE

These include Hawkswell Theatre: Cultural Companions., The Dock: Jung, Symbols & Songs of the Soul,The Seany Project, A special edition of online poetry journal, Dodging the Rain, Donegal and Sligo library’s arts therapy events  MotherSoothe, Roscommon Arts Centre:  Mental Health Matters for Artists’ , and online event Havin’ A Laugh: Life behind The Book
Maria’s own work features in Yoga Drawing Jam (See first video below) and Filleadh Cholmcille


Multimedia Services

Tá ár gcuid ceardlanna ar fáil trí mheán na Gaeilge, idir cleachtais ealaíne, íoga agus folláine.
Mar shampla:
  • Beoga (clár íoga agus sláinte meabhrach do dhaoine óga).
  • Gaeilge agus ‘Boomwhackers’ do dhaltaí scoile. (Rinneamar ceardlanna le linn Seachtain na Gaeillge 2020.)
  • Rinneamar clár íoga do pháistí, ‘Mo Shaol, Do Shaol’ le TG4, i 2019.
  • Cámpaí samhraidh (Gaeilge, ceol, íoga, dearadh digiteach). Rinneamar campaí i 2018 agus 2019 sa ‘Wellbeing Hub’ agus le CDP na Rosann.
  • D’obair muid le Rannóg na Gaeilge (Co. Co. Dhun na nGall) ar thumchonaí a rinne siad i 2019.
  • D’obair muid le Ógras, ar thumchonaí a rinne siad i 2019.
  • Bileog Eolais ar fáil ANSEO.
  • Mo Bhagáiste –  Dráma bunaithe ar shaol agus ar shaothar Sheosaimh Mhic Grianna, Scríbhneoir & Aisteoir: Pól ó Gallachóir, Stiúrthóir & Dearthóir: Maria Coleman, Comhcheol Arts and Wellness, Léirthóir: Liam Carson, IMRAM

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